We provide full support with everything you'll need when moving to Portugal.


  • Lusine and Areg

    “Rita Seara has been the most incredible support during our residence permit acquisition journey in Lisbon, Portugal. Before turning to her legal services our family's transition had been managed by big companies in UK, US, and Portugal itself, with minimal or no progress in the process, sporadic responses leading nowhere, and overall a lack of genuine care. Once we turned to Rita, it all took off: she knows the legal infrastructure of Portugal inside out and is able to get things done.” Lusine

    “Rita’s swift and successful navigation of our family’s reunification process through extremely complicated bureaucracy during the times of COVID-19 reminded me of an adage: some superheroes do not wear capes. Rita is a real legal superhero. At every point where it was all too easy for anyone give up, she gave us hope and created a path forward, leading us where we needed to be.” Areg

    Lusine and Areg
  • Samuel
    Our family moved to Portugal as part of opening a new office, but had no idea how to navigate the immigration system. Rita guided us through every step, attended appointments with us, and made us feel like we had an expert and advocate during the entire process.
  • Aelafseged
    Rita is not just a brilliant lawyer, but she is also kind and caring.  She is very professional and is clearly an expert in her field.  She eased my mind and assured me that everything was in order throughout our family's Temporary Resident Visa applications in Portugal.  In my opinion, Rita went beyond my expectations, and she is a rare and prime example of excellence.  Rita is very easily accessible and responds to emails and phone calls almost immediately which I truly value. I would recommend Rita's service to anyone.
  • João

    (Relocation from Angola to Portugal with his family)

    Mudança para outro país é um processo sempre muito complicado para quem não tem o entendimento na área mas tivemos muita sorte por escolher os serviços de Rita Seara que nos ajudou muito (E ainda nos ajuda) tornando tudo mais fácil e descomplicado. Como dizemos no Brasil: “Você é SHOW!”

  • Georgia
    Rita was a tremendous help when it came to navigating the complicated world of Portuguese Immigration. She was always quick and patient when answering my questions, made me feel confident about all of the steps needed, and, most of all, she took all of the stress and trepidation out of the entire process.
  • Nicholas

    Rita Seara advised myself and my family for our Portuguese immigration applications. This is a complex process, that required us to obtain a large number of documents, from several countries around the world, in a process that took many months.

    Rita provided us with a list of every type of document that we were required to present, and carefully explained the correct procedures for the preparation of each one. In addition to that, she diligently answered my many email inquiries throughout the process, which was complicated to a huge degree by COVID-19.

    Rita personally assisted me and my family with our immigration appointments, and resolutely defended our interests.

    Rita is Precise, Professional and Patient, and we would not have succeeded in our immigration applications without her.

    New Zealand
  • Jack
    Rita goes above and beyond to make sure my visa application is as smooth as possible, she is the best attorney I ever had! Whenever I have a question, I can rest assured knowing Rita will have an answer.